About Us

We, Karen and I, are doing this business "part-time" (real part-time) to help out our friends in Dandridge, TN in selling their hyrdate alakaline spring water (high pH) locally here in Rome, GA. We both have other things to do but feel that many more people here in our area would benefit from this water if we provided it locally. So here we are.


We both have been on the alkaline water for sometime now and notice the benefits not only in tasting better but also that it is better for us. It tastes great! And is less filling! Really!  (And this is not a beer commercial either). 


If you want to taste the difference and/or want to see if it can benefit you, then get in touch with us by email or the phone number supplied below or on the side.



George Crocker

Phone: +1 706/767-5725

Email: info@alkalinespringwater.com